I’m Making My First Ever Chair!

A Chair???  What does that have to do with sewing?

A little background first.  I used to just find a pattern I liked, work out what size I was, make it, and it fitted.  I tended to only use Vogue patterns and I just knew that they would always fit me if I made the same size all the time.

Fast forward a few quite a few years and I’m not the same shape I used to be 🙁

Ok, I'm not that bad!

Ok, I’m not that bad!

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Vintage Patterns – A New Obsession

Woo hoo!  I’m a proper blogger now – I have real comments on my blog posts, not just the spam comments you always get!  I’m a happy bunny!  (It doesn’t take much, I know 😉 )

Ok, back to what I intended to write about . . .

About a year ago, one of my friends said to me that I should wear 50’s style dresses, (you know the type, fitted bodice and big pouffy skirts), as they would suit me.  Funnily enough, just the day before, I’d been looking at 50’s fashion and had decided that I should try to make myself a 50’s style dress!  It was obviously meant to be!

So I searched and found two reproductions of vintage patterns that I liked.

Vintage Vogue Pattern 2903

Vintage Vogue Pattern 2903

Butterick Retro '56 Pattern 5603

Butterick Retro ’56 Pattern 5603

I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I bought them both of course!  I’ve made a dress from one of the patterns (the Vintage Vogue) and it was the most complicated pattern I’ve ever sewn!  Anyway, that will be the topic of another blog post, so I’ll jump ahead a little now.

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Dr Seuss Pinny

I LOVE Dr Seuss books.  And so does my Mum.

I LOVE Seuss Landing at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando.    And so does my Mum-In-Law.

So when I found a UK stockist of the range of Dr Seuss patchwork fabrics, I just had to buy some.

I sent a selection of fat quarters to my Mum for her birthday – here’s a picture of her goodies:

Dr Seuss fabrics for my Mum

Dr Seuss fabrics for my Mum

Then it got close to Xmas, and I got a little more adventurous and bought some more Dr Seuss fabric to make a pinny for my Mum-In-Law!

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