Pretty boxes!

Broken sewing machineHi!  Well, I haven’t been doing any sewing recently because 10 weeks ago my sewing machine went poof!  There was no smoke, no bang and no sizzling noise, just a little pop! and then . . . nothing 🙁  To cut a long story short, I took it to the very worst place this side of the moon to get it fixed, it is still not fixed, and now I have resorted to contacting the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline to get help on what to do next.  It’s all very upsetting, however some people have been very helpful; a friend lent me her sewing machine and another repairman who I usually use also offered me the use of a machine!  So the whole thing has dampened my enthusiasm and now that the weather has turned a little cooler as well, my dreams for a funky new summer dress have faded *sniff* *sniff* !

Right!  That’s enough of the bad news!  Onto the good 😀

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