The Not-So-Humble T-Shirt(s) & Out-takes!

This is the garment which returned my sewing mojo to me!  A humble t-shirt!

Renfrew T-shirt by Sewaholic Patterns

Renfrew T-shirt by Sewaholic Patterns

It wasn’t that I wasn’t sewing anything at all, after all, I make a lot of bellydance tops for others and I was very slowly making the odd thing for myself which I might wear once in a blue moon.  But I realised that I hadn’t sewn anything for myself that I could wear regularly, any day of the week.  I also realised I was short on simple, short sleeved t-shirts.  Aha!  I wear t-shirts every day, so why not make myself a t-shirt!

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Elephant Trousers!

I am probably far too excited about these Elephant Trousers than I really should be at my age!  😉   But I love them!

I made these funky elephant trousers!  Oh yeah!

I made these funky elephant trousers! Oh yeah!

So these are the brand new Carrie Trousers from Sew Over It, available only in their brand new Ultimate Guide to Sewing and Fitting Trousers online course.  The course includes the pattern for these trousers and the very popular Ultimate Trousers, which I’ve been wanting to make for awhile, but hadn’t got around to buying the pattern yet, which was rather fortuitous really!

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The Skirt That Hurts Your Eyes

I kind of like this skirt but don’t like it all at the same time!  Meet the Skirt That Hurts Your Eyes!

Wrap skirt

Look at the skirt . . . no, look at the glasses . . . no, look at the skirt . . .

So this is an accidentally modified version of KwikSew 3951 made in a very funky, but hard to look at fabric.  The reds and greens do funny things to your eyes, even if you aren’t red/green colour blind!

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Lime & Leopard Print Sorbetto

Just to warn you, I’m catching up on posting about the things I made last year, or even the year before!  But they were all made since I started my blog, and since it’s MY blog, I can follow MY rules, and blog about what I want!  So there! 😉

Lime Sorbetto Top

Lime And Leopard Print Sorbetto Top – I Love It!

First up is a Sorbetto Top by Colette Patterns.  The pattern is a free download and I think it makes a very cute, easy to wear, summer top.

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