I’m A Little Puzzled

Hi! I have actually finished my vintage top! Yayy! But until I have some nice photos, you’ll have to wait for the post all about that.  In the meantime, I’m A Little Puzzled . . .

Have you seen the fabric kits you can buy from places like Craftsy?  (I’m sure I’ve seen them on other websites as well, but I just can’t seem to find any of them right now.)

Wrap dress on CraftsyFor example, here’s a dress that I might consider making but I really don’t like the fabric they’ve chosen for the kit.  OK, this one has a choice of two fabrics, but it still puzzles me and makes me a little mad! Why? I hear you ask.

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I’m Making My First Ever Chair!

A Chair???  What does that have to do with sewing?

A little background first.  I used to just find a pattern I liked, work out what size I was, make it, and it fitted.  I tended to only use Vogue patterns and I just knew that they would always fit me if I made the same size all the time.

Fast forward a few quite a few years and I’m not the same shape I used to be 🙁

Ok, I'm not that bad!

Ok, I’m not that bad!

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