I’m Making My First Ever Chair!

A Chair???  What does that have to do with sewing?

A little background first.  I used to just find a pattern I liked, work out what size I was, make it, and it fitted.  I tended to only use Vogue patterns and I just knew that they would always fit me if I made the same size all the time.

Fast forward a few quite a few years and I’m not the same shape I used to be 🙁

Ok, I'm not that bad!

Ok, I’m not that bad!

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1920’s Dress

My husband came home from work one day and asked if I wanted to go to a charity ball that  the social club at work was holding.  The theme was the 1920’s and dressing up in costume was encouraged.  I was totally excited as I’ve always loved the 1920’s style of clothing and I’d been dying to make myself a 1920’s dress forever but never got around to it, and had nowhere to wear it even if I did make one!

So I immediately started trawling the web for 1920’s dress patterns.  I didn’t find many patterns, in fact I don’t think I found any patterns, well at least none  I could buy!  I collected a few pictures on a Pinterest board and started mulling it all around in my head.

Vintage McCalls Pattern 5941

I rather liked this pattern but couldn’t get my hands on a copy. Also I’m sure it wouldn’t look that good on me since I’m not a baby giraffe shaped person like these 3 ladies in the drawing!

I kept searching and then found this fabulous dress made by Eld-nora:

1920s Flapper Dress by Eld-nora

Red flapper dress which I used as inspiration for my own dress

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