Vintage Pattern Pledge 2016 #1 – The Leach-Way Dress

This year, I pledged to make two garments from my vintage patterns.  This is the first one, which I actually finished a couple of months ago, but lack of photos . . .

Leach-Way 13775

Leach-Way 13775

It is Leach-Way Frock 13775 which features ties sewn into the side seams which you then wrap around your waist to give the dress some shape, well that’s the idea anyway.

Leachway Dress Pattern

This is actually my muslin/toile. The pattern was too large for me, but I thought it might be OK anyway since you pull it all in at the waist, so I made a test version to try it out.  Well, it IS too big around the neck and gapes open when I bend forward.  The collar also ended up very frilly, which is totally my own fault. I really must be more precise in my stitching.  You can see a little bit of the frillyness in this photo.

Frilly collar, which isn't meant to be frilly :-(

Frilly collar, which isn’t meant to be frilly :-(

You will notice that I’ve chopped a load off the hem. Basically, it didn’t look like the illustration and I hated it!  I was expecting the skirt to be very full, a bit like a circle skirt. However, it just hung straight down and there wasn’t enough width in the pattern pieces to make it look fuller.  I should have realised it was going to be that way by looking at the pattern pieces, but I’d been looking at the pattern illustration through rose tinted glasses obviously!

Leachway Dress

By shortening the dress by quite a bit, it finally looked vaguely wearable.  But it’s actually not very comfortable to wear as the ties ride up and end up just under my bust rather than round my waist. Well, maybe that has something to do with the fact my waist isn’t as defined as it used to be *sigh*

Didn’t stop me from prannying around during the photo shoot though!

Trying to be dainty

Trying to be dainty

I do quite like the back of the dress though.

I like this view of the dress

I like this view of the dress

I thought I might never wear it, but this dress was perfect on those couple of hot days we had here in the UK a couple of weeks ago. I just tied the ties really loosely and slopped around the house quite happily 🙂

My attempt at a vintage look

My attempt at a vintage look

Well, I was not very enamoured by the pattern by this point, so I decided not to make it up in the blue poppy fabric with contrasting green collar and ties as I’d planned. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

What pose should I do next? Oh I know, I'll do my little girl pose, again.

What pose should I do next? Oh I know, I’ll do my little girl pose, again.

And that’s about it for the Leach-Way dress which I was so excited to sew up, but ended up being a bit of a disappointment. I’m hoping my second vintage make of the year will be more of a success. I haven’t decided what that will be yet . . . I think I’d like to try something not from the 1950’s this time.  Maybe a 1970’s wrap dress or a 1960’s hat! 😉

2 thoughts on “Vintage Pattern Pledge 2016 #1 – The Leach-Way Dress

  1. Sorry this dress didn’t turn out as you hoped, it looks like it has potential though but not sure how you would adapt a pattern like that. I do like the style of it, the wrap ties are fab and it does look good on you.

    • Thanks Lynsey!

      I posted a few pictures of the dress in a Facebook group which is full of vintage sewing enthusiasts and they gave me loads of suggestions for altering the pattern (and what undergarments to wear) to make it look more like the illustration if I was to make it a second time. It IS an interesting concept and I’m sure it could work, for now though, I’m ready to dive into something completely different! 😀

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