So yes, this is another craft blog.  I’d really like it to be interesting, compelling, informative, educational and inspiring.  However, I kind of doubt it will work out that way!

Completed pinny!I’m partly writing this for myself, to document the things I’ve made, the things I want to make, the things my Mum and Mum-In-Law have made, and to share with anyone who will listen pictures of some fabulous fabric and patterns which I am so excited about I will burst if no-one else sees them!  I can get very excited about the smallest things, but I think this is a good thing!

Badger cushionSo do feel free to leave comments, I’d hate to be talking to myself all the time!

If I can inspire just one person to sew something, or help just one person with a sewing problem, or entertain just one person with my sewing antics, then I will be happy 😀


Simplicity Challenge 2016

Simplicity Challenge 2016 Winner of Vintage Section
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