A Spotty Jenna Cardi

A Spotty Jenna Cardi

27 April 2022

I'm catching up on some blog posts featuring things I made ages ago, so unfortunately I'm a little short on details. But that's okay because my blog posts are usually longer than they need to be anyway!

Jenna cardigan in fluffy white with dark grey polka dots

This is the Jenna Cardigan by Muse Patterns. I made it from a fluffy white fabric with dark grey polka dots on it which I think I bought from FabricLand in Poole in the UK.

Spotty Jenna cardigan

White really is not my colour - I just don't wear it at all. But for some reason this fabric took my fancy and I really wanted to make a cardigan from it. End result, I'm not very comfortable wearing it due to the colour, but I keep wearing it occasionally and I'm starting to feel better about it.

Spotty Jenna cardigan in white

The pattern was easy and fun to make. I did make an adjustment though as I wanted a looser fit around the waist than the original shape which is quite fitted. This seemed to work well, but it wasn't going to look great buttoned up, so that's why I opted for just one button at the top!

 Spotty cardigan

Here's a view of the back . . .

Back view of the spotty cardigan

It seems as though I forgot to take my sunglasses off for the whole of this photoshoot. Oh well!

Spotty cardigan

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