Camilla Cowl Neck Top + Kitten

Camilla Cowl Neck Top + Kitten

12 May 2020

Well I had great plans to get my blog up to date during the 4 weeks of lockdown due to the virus, however, that has not happened! I also planned to do lots of sewing . . . that also has not exactly happened. I have made things, but not clothes for myself.

This post is about one item of clothing I did manage to make during the lockdown, the 5 Out Of 4 Patterns, Camilla Cowl Neck top.

Camilla Cowl Neck top

The pattern was easy to put together and was a quick make. I used up fabric left over from another t-shirt so I was happy to get a whole garment out of a piece of fabric which I thought was just a scrap.

Camilla Cowl Neck top

I already own two ready-to-wear, sleeveless, black, cowl neck tops and I love them but they are looking a bit tired now. So I was keen to find a similar pattern so I could sew myself replacements when they finally wear out.

I stumbled across the 5oo4 Patterns Cowl Neck top so made it up with some scrap fabric just to try out the pattern.

Camilla Cowl Neck top

However, I don’t love it. There is too much fabric close to the sides of my neck for my liking, I like a wider neckline. Plus the armholes are a little tight. I did make the correct size per my measurements, but I feel it is a bit small overall.

This would not put me off trying another 5oo4 pattern though, and I will definitely wear my new cowl neck top.

Holding Misty, a silver tabby kitten

Oh yes, the kitten!

Just a few days before our lockdown was announced, I had rescued a stray kitten. She was wild, hissing and spitting whenever you went anywhere near her. However, after creeping up behind her and patting her on the top of the head (wearing gloves!), she realised that I was okay after all. Half an hour later I was holding her, patting her (without gloves) and she even purred!

Her name is Misty and she is beautiful. But, don’t be fooled by that innocent looking face, she can be a right little beast/vampire/crazy thing when she wants to be . . . which is often!

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