Getcha, Getcha, Getcha, Getcha Feathers Away from my Nose, Pink Flamingo!

Getcha, Getcha, Getcha, Getcha Feathers Away from my Nose, Pink Flamingo!

29 August 2017

Okay, so only Kiwis of a certain age will understand the title of this post, so sorry to everyone else, but I just couldn’t resist! ;-)

Right, onto the dress!

Pink flamingo maxi dress

I bought this fabric in a non-stretch woven cotton a fews years ago, envisaged a dress, it was going to look fantastic! I made a toile, and it just didn’t fit and I put it on hold.

Fast forward a few years and I spot the exact same print in the exact same colours in a jersey fabric in my local fabric shop, FabricLand Bournemouth.  I had to have it and by the time I got it to the counter, I’d formulated an idea for it – a maxi dress!

But would head to toe pink flamingos be too much?

So when the girl serving me asked what I was going to make, I told her my idea and my consideration. Well done to her, she smiled and said it would be fab! 

New Look 6280 pattern envelope

 Next I searched for a suitable pattern. I knew I wanted a wrap over bodice and a straightish skirt falling from just below the bust. I spotted New Look 6280 and View B looked perfect. I found a few reviews and photos online and they all looked lovely, except, I didn’t like the back. To me, the straps at the back just didn’t look like they matched the front bodice.

I bought the pattern anyway and decided to do my first real major pattern hack. I grabbed a sleeveless t-shirt which fits me well, and used the shape of the back to extend the back of the dress. I think it worked quite well and I’m very pleased with the end result.

Back of the flamingo dress

It was a very easy pattern to make, and I quite fancy making another version with the other bodice and the shorter length.

Pink flamingo dress

The only thing which annoys me about this dress is the droopy bit just underneath my left boob. You can see it in just about every photo even though I was trying to adjust it in between nearly every shot!

Pink flamingo dress

But overall I love this dress and I was very impressed with the fact that it pretty much actually looks like the photo on the front of the envelope, even though I’m not the size and shape of that model!

The pink flamingo dress was admired many times on it’s first outing, which you can see in this next photo. This was near the end of the evening, after the “Geriatric Disco” had closed down for the night! Er . . . don’t ask! 

The dress on it's first outing

Oh yes, you may also have noticed that I’ve had a change of hairstyle! Long, curlyish red hair turned into short, undercut, green and grey hair!

Poole Quay

And, just in case you were wondering, most of these photos were taken on Poole Quay, in Dorset, England. You can even see the Sunseeker ship building yard in the background of a couple of photos. Just trying to do my bit for tourism in Poole!  Alright, here are the rest of the photos.

Pink flamingo dress

Pink flamingo dress

Pink flamingo dress

Pink flamingo dress

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