Jacket Express in Lime Green Floral Needlecord

Jacket Express in Lime Green Floral Needlecord

19 May 2022

This jacket was an absolute delight to make! It's the Jacket Express pattern from the Craftsy class - Sew Better, Sew Faster: Garment Industry Secrets

 Jacket made in lime green floral needlecord fabric

The thing about this course is that you construct the garment in a more streamlined order. What I mean is that you do as much sewing as you can on as many pieces as you can, then you press everything you can, then you might move onto top-stitching all the pieces which are ready for that step. And so on.

It's an approach which I've always tried to take because it makes more sense to me and I could never work out why pattern instructions weren't ordered in this way. The Jacket Express pattern is written in this manner, and it's great!

The other main feature of this class is that you learn some fabulous techniques which are used in the garment industry. They save you time and make your garments look more professional. Why are home sewers not told these things? 

Back view of lime green jacket

I've been using these techniques on the clothes I've made since watching the class, and it does make a difference!

Close up of top-stitching, pocket & collar

 The thing that took the most time was finding suitable buttons! I think I bought about 5 different sets online before I finally found some that would do.

The fabric is a beautifully soft needlecord which I purchased at Lee Mills Fabrics in Swansea, Wales. All in all, I'm very proud of this jacket and am looking forward to making another biker style jacket from the same pattern company. I just haven't hit on the right fabric yet.

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