Just to warn you, I’m catching up on posting about the things I made last year, or even the year before!  But they were all made since I started my blog, and since it’s MY blog, I can follow MY rules, and blog about what I want!  So there! 😉

Lime Sorbetto Top

Lime And Leopard Print Sorbetto Top – I Love It!

First up is a Sorbetto Top by Colette Patterns.  The pattern is a free download and I think it makes a very cute, easy to wear, summer top.

I made this top at the end of last summer, and didn’t get a chance to wear it as the weather packed up as soon as I finished it, typical!  I then took it to New Zealand on holiday early this year and it spent most of it’s time folded up in my suitcase and now I can’t get that crease down the middle out.  Oh well, never mind!

A few notes about the construction.  The fabric I used is a cheap muslin/cheesecloth type fabric, which is rather see-through, so I underlined it with another layer of itself. Underlining is a fabric added to the fashion fabric for more body and/or opacity. It’s a separate layer attached to the corresponding piece, and then treated as one during construction.

I kept reading about this Hug Snug seam binding in blogs written by American sewers, so thought I’d see if I could get some.  I succeeded, and this is the first thing I tried it out on!

Seam Binding

First Attempt At Using Seam Binding

And on the side seams . . .

Seam Binding

More Seam Binding

It was a bit of a faff, so I’ll probably only use it on special things in the future, if I remember! 🙂

I just love the bias binding. The only department store in town was getting rid of all their haberdashery, so had a 50 – 70% off sale!  I bought so much stuff and this leopard print bias binding was one of my favourite purchases.

Leopard Print Bias Binding

Leopard Print Bias Binding

Looking at the top now, with more knowledge about fitting under my belt, I can see that the darts are too long and a bit high on me, so I think I’d like to make another one of these and try a simple dart adjustment.

Not a lot more to say, so I’ll leave you with another couple of photos of me trying to do some model poses!

Natural Pose

Natural Pose

Pose With Hair Up

Got My Hair Up Pose

That’s it for the Lime & Leopard Sorbetto.  I just hope I get a chance to wear it soon! 😀