Meet the Psychedelic Heather Dress, a pattern by Sew Over It, or as my husband likes to refer to it, the Psycho Dress!

As soon as this pattern was released, I knew I wanted to make one as it looked just so comfy.

However, finding suitable fabric that I liked was quite a challenge, that was, until my husband found this psychedelic fabric in Spotlight in Invercargill.

I don’t really have a lot to say about the making of the dress, as it was a very easy pattern to put together and quite fun to sew.

The only thing I don’t like about this dress is that I made it too big around hips. It’s very comfortable to wear, but looking at the photos, it’s just too big. It fits well around the shoulders, so I will trim down the waist and hips for my next version. (If I remember correctly, I sized up over the waist and hips like I usually do, but I guess that wasn’t necessary this time!)

Of course I’ve picked out the photos which look the best, but I think you can see from this back view, how big it is.

Do you like our beach? We’ve moved to Mahia Beach on the North Island of New Zealand as my husband got a job nearby. There are two beaches and we can walk out of the house we’re renting, through the gate, across a little bit of grass, then we’re on one of the beaches!

Of course it’s winter here now, and the weather has been a bit wild and woolly at times! I’ve given up trying to clean the sea spray off the windows facing the sea!

All our belongings finally arrived from the UK and so I was joyfully reunited with all my fabric and my sewing machines. Yippee! So I planned out my next project, was about to cut the fabric, but noticed a hole in it. Then I spotted ink splattered on the fabric. So I inspected it carefully. In 3.3 metres of fabric there was one hole and 7 ink stains! I was not a happy bunny.

In my next post I will tell you about the project that problematic fabric sparked off and the pledge I have made, which I tell you, is a tough one! 😳

Happy Sewing!

the Quirky Kiwi